Guidance to Buy The Best Countertop Convection Microwave

Having a countertop microwave is a part of modern lives these days. When everyone seems to prefer to instance indulgence, the microwave is the best solution to help you making tasty, healthy cooked meal within a few minutes only. Many manufacturers have been racing to promote their latest models in the home appliance market. With this wide range of options available, choosing which one is the best for us can be challenging. Therefore, please keep on reading to get the guidance to buy the best countertop microwave reviews.

2Z9A6345.jpgHow much is your provided budget on a countertop microwave?

It is necessary for you to know first how much money you must spare in order to purchase a countertop microwave. A general guidance can refer to a price as much as $500 and more for a single microwave. The price are varies depending on the features offered. So, do you have the budget already? If you do, you can start heading off to the electronic store or going online to authorized online stores.

What is your main purpose of using a microwave?

Main intentions of people in using microwave can be varied, depending on the personal need. Some might use it to merely defrost stuff, heating up prepared meals, or do real cooking. When you do know what your intention with the microwave is, then you will also know what are the most important features that you need from the best countertop microwave.

How much power do you expect the microwave to have?

You need to understand that the power offered by different microwave models can be varied, ranging from 600 up to 1300 watts. When you have a more power, it means that you can cook more quickly with your microwave. For standard recipes, 800-watt models will be sufficient.

416hYYrtL2L.jpgWhat size are you looking for?

One thing that might help you to answer the question is your microwave safe cookware. You need to make sure that your microwave cookware can go in the microwave later. Otherwise, it will be a waste and you need to buy other microwave cookware that meets the microwave size.

How important is convection to a countertop microwave?

It is indeed really important. Convection means the hot air circulation inside the microwave that can make the food evenly tanned. Therefore, with convection feature, cooking in the microwave will actually undergo 2 processes, which are microwave itself and the hot air circulation. The food will taste excellent and the process is instant when you cook with the best countertop microwaves in 2016 oven.

After all, you might think what else that you should acknowledge before do the purchasing? Well, here are some more tips:

Do not waste money on the features that you believe will not be useful for you.

A stainless steel microwave is preferred since it is easier to clean up.

Before purchasing, check and make sure that the countertop convection microwave provides a turntable for evenly cooking result.

When you have kids within reach, your microwave must have an auto off feature for a safety reason.

Here is some guidance that you can refer to when you want to purchase any countertop convection microwave. You can now start looking for the one to best suit your need.

Happy shopping!


A Natural Pressure Cooker – How and Why Is This One Different and Better?

A pressure cooker simply put is a lidded pot that seals out air, but locks in steam thus creating “pressure” that cooks foods evenly and quickly. People often praise the foods cooked in a pressure cooker for being moist and flavorful many like the aspect of not having to add oil, butter or any additives to help with the cooking process. This is fine but there lies one problem that may affect the healthfulness of the food cooked inside.

ikea-ikea-värdesätta-pressure-cooker__1364299639690-s4Pressure cookers often are made from reactive metals which mean when these materials are exposed to high heat they leach into your food. That doesn’t sound very healthy does it? These metals can also cause the loss of your foods’ nutritional value with the high heat they cook with, damaging the delicate nutritional cells and in the case of pressure cooking further damaging the food with extremely high amounts of steam pressure. On an another note, the food doesn’t come out as flavorful because one would have to add extra water to help create enough steam to maintain the pressure inside the pot.

Can you pressure cook your food without chemicals leaching? Can you use a steam cooker without harsh heat damaging the delicate cells in your food thus making your meals less healthful? How about not having to dilute your meal by needing to add extra liquid? The answer is simple, use an all natural pressure cooker.

cooker-625_625x350_51447067509.jpgA pure clay best pressure cooker in 2016 is a great and healthier alternative to the conventional cooker. How is it healthier? For starters, it is made of 100% tested pure and all natural clay, that is rich in nutrients and micronutrients and no chemicals or metals added to it. This ensures that there are no harmful chemicals seeping into your food. Unlike metal, pure clay cooks with a gentler form of heat called far infrared heat which penetrates deep into the food without damaging the nutritional cells. This heat also allows seasonings and spices to seep in the food making it more flavorful. Another aspect making food more flavorful is that pure clay naturally traps steam inside so there is no need to add extra water as the food cooks in its own juices. The best part about pure clay pressure cookers is unlike the conventional ones you can remove the lid to add extra ingredients or stir without worrying about letting the pressure out.

When choosing the best pressure cooker for your family keep pure clay pressure cookers in mind. Because of the very natural way they cook your food they are one of the best ones for this purpose.